Management Profile

Robert Jury  |  President

Bob started as a representative with RTA International in 1979.  His success in selling to the military propelled the company to great heights.  He became Vice President of Sales in 1985.  Bob's incredible achievements are well documented. He took Sanyo from $3 million a year in 1980 to an all time high of $18 million in 1994.  Bob made the Navy's top ten vendor list several years in a row.  Mr. Jury joined our organization on July 1, 1996.

David Fishman  |  Vice President

David is responsible for our Dallas office which oversees our AAFES operations.  David has a strong Military Exchange background.  His father was employed with AAFES for 35 years and finished his career as an AAFES "Super Grade" executive.  David excelled as an AAFES buyer for several years and then started his career as a manufacturer's representative.  He has worked with several top Military Rep companies in executive and senior executive positions.  For the past 25 years David has worked almost exclusively with AAFES Headquarters Buyers and Senior Management to develop programs for dozens of top rated companies.  His career in the Military Exchange business has successfully spanned over 30 years.